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11 Oct 2008. Anyplace Control Software, the leader of remote support solutions, announces release of Anyplace Control 4.9, a new improved version of remote support software. Now, remote support software is the easiest to be used, as it has never been before.

A recent release of Anyplace Control facilitates the work of network administrator or supporter greatly. With the introduction of the easiest remote support software the role of end user in support process is reduced to minimum, almost no actions are required to be performed from his side.

A specialist, who needs to perform a remote support fill in the web-form on the web-site of Anyplace Control Software to get a specially designed remote support software, mainly its user's part, so-called "Host Module". After entering all required parameters (necessary passwords, Account Name, etc.) a unique link for specially designed Host Module download is generated. Customers, who needs a remote support should be provided with that link.

Customer click the link and starts the customized Host Module. Customer's PC automatically appears in IT-specialist's address book. Connection may be established only with a certain password, which is known only to IT-specialist. During a remote support session customer is able to see all actions performed on his PC by a remote support specialist. After the end of a remote support session a Host Module's window may be closed and remote access becomes impossible till the time, when customer needs a remote support again.

A new remote support software is fully accessible - the service is provided for FREE. You may not be a registered user to try it. You don't have even to pay for it.

Thanks to the new remote support software, network administrator saves his time greatly, there is no need to be in a long correspondence with a remote user or to phone him and explain how to setup the remote support software on his PC.

"It is a real remote supporter's panacea. I don't need to explain my customer how to help me to help him. He doesn't need to search, install, configure - only click a link. Well done!" - says John Clayne, customer's support manager at ABF-Software Company.

With a new release 4.9, Anyplace Control takes all technical compliances on its own, granting the end user with a maximal ease of software usage.

About Anyplace Control Software:

Anyplace Control Software was established in October 2002 on the basis of a Ukrainian research team. This team had been previously engaged in IT researching and consulting in the field of remote support software. Project manager is Yuriy Goncharuk.


Anyplace Control Software
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