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Remote PC Control

16 Jan 2009. Nowadays people disastrously lack time. Time gaps make you running fussily just to be in time, but in spite of all the efforts, people are still late.
In the computerized world where the workplace is associated with PC’s and the Internet, the physical presence at a workplace is simplified. Many job-related tasks could be performed from home by accessing the office PCs and all corporate resources remotely.

Consider Anyplace Control, a remote PC access software , which will make your life easier. Anyplace Control allows you to securely connect to a remote PC and display the desktop of the remote computer virtually in real time and to use your own keyboard and mouse to control it. All of it doing remotely. You can easily monitor and control target PC’s and transfer data. The program can be used on LAN, WAN or over the Internet. There is a very convenient feature that allows you to connect to a remote PC using optional Online Account. Anyplace Control software allows you to connect to multiple computers at the same time.

Enjoy a smooth remote connection experience along with full control over the remote system. Thanks to the innovative connection, technologies implemented within Anyplace Control a remote connection can be established in several ways, and it does not require the computer to have an external static IP address. Another great benefit is that the program can be configured to securely bypass routers and firewalls that separate the remote PC and a local PC. Anyone from home users to help desk providers will certainly appreciate this type of convenience and a piece of mind.

Anyplace Control allows users to share files between the connected PC’s. You no longer need to send files via e-mail because it is much easier to use direct file transfer provided by Anyplace Control. Simply copy any text and graphics from one computer and paste it to another. The program allows transferring any type of data, immediately with no response delay.

Developed with an emphasis to provide maximum convenience without sacrificing security and performance, Anyplace Control represents a best-of-breed solution to perform a wide range of tasks in the remote environment. Anyplace Control software is the solution of choice for system administrators, helpdesk providers, telecommuters and education purposes.

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Pricing and Availability

Anyplace Control is supported on any operation system provided by Microsoft. A standard single license is available for a one-time purchase of $39.99 (USD) with volume discounts starting with just a few more licenses. The most popular licensing option is the on-demand Online Account licensing. This particular option employs the latest advanced technologies but it is made to be affordable to anyone. A free technical support comes as a standard with optional product upgrades. More information about Anyplace Control, as well as a free trial download is available from http://www.anyplace-control.com.

About Anyplace Control Software
The company was founded in 2002 focusing on the development of corporate end user network management solutions, including remote control, network security, network maintenance and administration, and remote support software. Anyplace Control is highly popular among users worldwide.

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