On-Demand Remote Support Software Becomes Easier

15 Dec 2008. Support your customers remotely on demand and launch the remote support software in just a few clicks! Imagine having no need for a typical complicated configuration for remote access that requires obtaining of the IP address of the remote PC and firewall port forwarding. A web link provided to the end-user by e-mail or any messaging tool has all the necessary files in the form of a simple download! What can be easier than launching a remote support session instantly?

In a common helpdesk situation, a customer may be waiting for technical assistance but a connection to the remote PC is not going through because the corporate firewall is not configured. Anyplace Control software helps to solve all the issues practically in a few easy steps: send link, download, get connected.

Traditional remote support tools such as Microsoft RDP, or VNC are far from being ideal for remote PC support especially if the end-users are not very technical.

Anyplace Control Software (http://www.anyplace-control.com) brings the best-of-breed solution for technical support for any environment. Anyplace Control remote support software incorporates a sophisticated technology that makes the IP-based and port-based connections obsolete. Anyplace Control software makes things simple. All you would need in order to start a remote session is to provide the end-user a single web link. They click on the link, download preset files, done! You are in control. Anyplace Control empowers you to be a fast problem solver for those who need your technical attention on demand. You can keep your customers happy and you can keep them for life.

You can generate unlimited number of links with built-in Host Module to pass to your customers. Visit http://www.anyplace-control.com/download-host.shtml to generate a custom link. Once the end-user downloads the Host module, an icon reflecting their PC will appear in the list of available workstations in your Admin Module. Use your Online account information (login and password) to remotely control all the PCs.

Anyplace Control can be configured to provide remote access based on a traditional IP-based configuration as well. This option will also require setting up a dedicated port for data forwarding, and a password to authenticate the connection launch. When the remote end-user closes the Host Module program, their PC becomes inaccessible for remote assess.

Anyplace Control represents a true value by offering customers an easy way to request and receive support on the spot. Engineered with top security and functionality features, Anyplace Control is priced at a fraction of the cost compared to the leading solutions. Anyplace Control Software has several licensing plans designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of users; from a telecommuter to a busy IT administrator who is working in a large helpdesk environment with hundreds of concurrent remote control sessions. Visit http://www.anyplace-control.com to learn more about the product, the technologies and any special offers.

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