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25 Nov 2008. One of the items on a wish list for a systems administrator is the ability to have a full color image of a remote workstation in real time. To provide an effective helping hand to an employee who is having a technical problem with their PC at a moment’s notice is probably one of the most challenging demands of being a system administrator. Therefore, any IT tool that makes the job for remote support easier and effective will reflect on the employee’s total productivity. Anyplace Control software has many technological enhancements that fits that the criteria (http://www.anyplace-control.com). Developed by Anyplace Control Software Inc., the program allows a network administrator to monitor and control remote PCs saving time and money in the process of fixing a variety of end-user computer issues.

The program consists of an Admin and Host modules that need to be installed on a local and remote PC’s respectively. The software requires that both computers have access to the Internet or be connected in a local network. Anyplace Control provides the ability for connection between the Admin PC and the Host PC in two ways; using the remote PC’s IP address/DNS name or over the Internet or using the Online Account name and a nickname. One of the benefits of the Online Connection mode is that it allows you to bypass routers and firewalls automatically granting remote access via a secure HTTPS protocol. This particular connection mode there does not require configuration of firewall settings while maintaining an industry-standard security level of remote access.

Running as a service by default, both modules are available for engagement in a matter of a few clicks. A wide range of functionality includes many options such as file transfer, installation of different software packages, restart and shut down of remote computers and others virtually in real time.

Types of Product Application

• Anyplace Control is a reasonable alternative to Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Company computers that are located on the same or different LANs can be consolidated into a single common network. Company employees can have full remote access to the assigned computers located anywhere within the enterprise through a secure communication protocol.

• A corporate helpdesk licensing of Anyplace Control enables technicians to provide remote tech support on LANs or over the Internet to the customers PC’s. This type of licensing is especially convenient in establishing a quick remote access to the customer's desktop for fixing any technical problem.

• Corporate environment is not the only field of product application. Office employees may find Anyplace Control useful utilizing the product’s functionality for online presentations and conferences. The program starts as any other common application by clicking on its icon. A full remote access to the home or the office computer is established in a matter of seconds. If you had to interrupt your work while creating of a document or a presentation, your remote desktop will display the data of the progress when it was stopped. It is easy to browse a folder where the presentation is saved, copy missing files using the file transfer option.

• Anyplace Control can help and friends and family to resolve computer issues without leaving the comfort of the home chair. Transferring music, photos or documents directly to the friend's computer is also easy with Anyplace Control.

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