New Remote Access Software and Remote Desktop Software for Help Desk Companies.

Remote Access Software & Remote Desktop Software

Anyplace Control Software announces the release of Anyplace Control, a new improved version of remote desktop software.

The newest version of Anyplace Control remote access software enables help-desk companies to provide remote support over the Internet to the clients who unable fix computer problems on their own. An support engineer can connect to the customer's desktop and fix any issue on the remote PC with help of Anyplace Control remote access software.

Remote access software consists of Admin and Host parts that should be started on the local PC and a remote PC. This remote desktop software requires both computers to be linked to each other over the Internet or vial LAN. Remote access is possible in two ways, either via IP address or using an Online Account name and a nickname of remote PC. In the case of Online Account connection, any firewalls, routers or other obstacles will be bypassed automatically. Moreover user are not obliged to open any ports on the firewall that allows to keep a high level of security system. There is no need to tweak network settings at all that makes this remote desktop software very easy to use.

About Anyplace Control Software:
Anyplace Control Software was established in October 2002 on the basis of a Ukrainian research team. This team had been previously engaged in IT researching and consulting in the field of Remote Access software & Remote Desktop Software. Project manager is Yuri Goncharuk.

Anyplace Control Software
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