Save And Earn With Easy To Use Remote Desktop Software.

A current release of Anyplace Control is oriented for all users who provide a remote support to their customers and wish to earn or save money. Remote access software guarantees you a high efficiency of your work and offers you a nice opportunity to popularize and advertise your service.

For IT-support departments: the time being spend to clarify the reason of the problem often is wasted in general as after an hour talk the customer may get nervous and ask a refund for the product, despite the fact that the origin of the problems lies in himself (software's manual was not read before program's usage). A lot of time is wasted when remote desktop support team explain how to make a screenshot of the issue and which screenshots in general are needed.

Anyplace Control Software - the leader among remote access software (like Microsoft remote desktop connection) seemed to be a rescuer of all remote desktop support departments. A fast, reliable and extremely easy to use remote access software allows you to connect to remote user and to sort the problem our just in a few minutes. No more long phone talks or exhausting e-mail correspondence is needed. Anyplace Control software company had developed a special service which minimizes the participation of remote user in vendors remote desktop control session greatly. All the user need to perform is just to start an application being sent to him from remote supporter.

The remote desktop software consists of Admin and Host modules that should be installed on the local computer and a remote one. The remote desktop software requires both computers to be hooked to each other via the Internet or a local network. Remote control PC is possible in two ways, either in LAN via IP address or over the Internet using an account name and a nickname. In the latter case, the account type of connection allows bypassing routers and firewalls automatically. Moreover it isn't necessary to open any ports on the firewall that allows to keep a high security level. So there is no need neither for users nor for admins to tweak network settings at all which makes remote control PC easy to implement.

With a new release, Anyplace Control makes the life of remote support department easier and better.

About Anyplace Control Software:

Anyplace Control Software was established in October 2002 on the basis of a Ukrainian research team. This team had been previously engaged in IT researching and consulting in the field of remote desktop control and remote access software. Project manager is Yuri Goncharuk.


Anyplace Control Software


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