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Remote Access Software

In a time of crisis remote access software seemed to be the only way to cut down expenses. If remote access software maintenance is far more than enough for private users to save money and fuel to get to remote place to fix computer issue, thus, all positive benefits and money profit for big organizations and corporations can be hardly calculated. There is no longer need to hire a big staff of System Administrators, when several people can perform all work without leaving their offices. Banks don't need to have a technician in every branch to cope with computer's issues as all problems can be solved remotely from the main office with the help of remote access software.

Along with a need to have a reliable and easy to use remote access software, the solution should also be a highly secured one. The question of security is an a priori for all state and private agencies. There are two way outs - either to develop your own remote access software or to utilize a ready developed one. Most solutions are not very reliable, as while opening ports in firewall you create back doors in your security system. That is why among the big number of remote access software there are only a few, which offer a really reliable and secure solution for corporate usage.

Anyplace Control Software - the vendor of remote access software and remote desktop software (Anyplace Control) offers a Fully Customized Unlimited Corporate Edition, that is developed with an individual approach to every customer, taking into consideration all requirements and wishes of the last one. The Edition includes unique VIP-features which are not present in any other remote access software. Account Connection service offered by Anyplace Control does not require port opening, which makes a remote access software an extremely secure solution.

The first thing need to be mentioned that the solution is provided for life-time usage. So, customer would not have to include a recurring charge for the software's usage into companies budget every year. Besides, the private labeling option offered by remote access software vendors can boost the confidence of end users, who will notice the fact that a corporation, which service they use, is able to afford an own remote access software. It is one of the positive effect of solution maintenance.

The Corporate Edition of Anyplace Control Software requires customer's server usage. Along with high data encryption security a personal server hosting doubles or triples the confidence of established connections. Having the own server for remote access software running will improve product functionality including remote desktop connectivity and the speed of the file transfer.

Unlimited Corporate Plan offers advanced helpdesk features, which are not available for private users (actually they don't need them): ability to assign access permissions policies for different admin staff, to change remote access password, etc. Those features, which are not present in Corporate Edition, but appeared to be vital for corporate user can be easily developed by remote access software vendors. The prices are worked out with an individual approach and usually are quite flexible and reasonable.

The company offers a support of remote access software installation and configuration at customer's server, which is a respectworthy fact as along with it the company guarantees the workability of the product. All updates to the newest version of the software or additional features development are performed per customer's request.

Among the big quantity of other remote access software offers it is hard to find any similar solution. Highly-trained and professional support staff would help every customer, who require an assistance. This warm and friendly relationships between customer and vendor is the main goal of Anyplace Control Software company.

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