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The latest release of Anyplace Control offers an improved security system of remote PC control solution for lower price. The vendors of the software provide all computer users with reliable remote control for affordable prices.

The newest release of Anyplace Control Software, remote control software allows the usage of remote desktop control software with the latest Windows OS' releases - Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7. Furthermore - this remote control software is fully operative at 64 bit system, supports Fast User Switching option and trouble free with Alt-Ctrl-Del shortcut sending. From this point even home users, who don't have various firewalls and antiviruses to increase computer's security can be aware of inability of data loss when operating Anyplace Control, remote control software.

Anyplace Control Software - the leader of remote control software vendors made the most of newest professional developments in the field of Windows Security to protect remote control session. New data encryption algorithms are used in the latest release. Besides, this remote control software was redesigned to become more user-friendly and acceptable for more users. Arabic and Polish languages of software's interface were added that offers easier program's maintenance for those users whose mentioned languages are native. The software is already claimed to be a gorgeous remote management and problem-solving tool.

The remote control software consists of 2 modules: Admin and Host, that should be installed at local and remote computer. The remote desktop software requires both computers to be hooked to each other via the Internet or a local network. Remote control of personal computer is possible in two ways, either in LAN via IP address or over the Internet using an account name and a nickname. In the second case, the account type of connection allows to bypass routers and firewalls automatically. Moreover, it is not necessary to open any ports on the firewall that keep the highest security level. Thus, there is no need either for users or for admins to tweak network settings at all which makes remote control PC easy to implement.
With the latest release, Anyplace Control makes the life of PC users who need to control remote PC easier.

About Anyplace Control Software:
Anyplace Control Software was established in October 2002 on the basis of a Ukrainian research team. This team had been previously engaged in IT researching and consulting in the field of remote desktop software and remote control software. Project manager is Yuri Goncharuk.

Anyplace Control Software

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